Mr.Details…Guardiola’s main strength !!


In football world, a successful career needs special ingredients mixing up to formulate into success….hard working, talent, natural skills, luck…etc. But with Josep  Guardiola; FC Barcelona manager success about details….sometimes tiny details that can make a big difference.

I found an interesting article wrote by Oriol Domènech  in El Mundo Deportivo published on 31/12/2009 with the title: “Detallista Guardiola“, the writer listed several incidents which can tell us why Pep Guardiola is a very special coach and manager…..this original article I found it reproduced in Total Barca Blog , the post name Guardiola: Attention to detail.

Pep Guardiola’s time with Barcelona is all about success 6 trophies since June 2008, and 102 games as Barcelona manager (W: 72 :: D: 20 :: L: 10). Reflecting on Guardiola’s success, Barcelona legend Johan Cruyff opinion on Guardiola:

What he is doing is great, step by step he is getting things done the way he thinks they should be done. He is taking care of all the details, and tries to get the best out of every player

Guardiola usually watches an average of 4 match videos of the next opponent before every match. With 102 matches under his belt now, Guardiola should have analysed about 408 videos of Barcelona opponents !!!



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