Manchester City’s Managers list (2000-2009)

Yesterday Roberto Mancini sealed his first win as Manchester City manager against Stoke City (2-0), meanwhile the media still criticizing the way Mark Hughes was sacked so in this post I put the list of Manchester City managers from 2000 until now.

Joe Royle:

England (8 April 1949) (from 18 February 1998  to  21 May 2001) managing them in 171 official games (Win % 43.27).

Kevin Keegan:

England (14 February 1951) (from 24 May 2001  to  11 March 2005) manging them in 176 official games (Win % 43.75).

Stuart Pearce:

England (24 April 1962) (from 21 March 2005  to   14 May 2007) managing them in 96 official games (Win % 35.1).

Sven-Göran Eriksson:

Sweden (DOB: 5 February 1948 )(from 6 July 2007  to   2 June 2008) managing them in 45 official games (Win % 42.22).

Mark Hughes:

Wales (DOB: 1 November 1963) (from 4 June 2008  to   19 December 2009) managing them in 77 official games (Win % 46.75)

Roberto Mancini:

Italy (DOB: 27 November 1964) (from 19 December to !!!), before Mancini had a winning percentage with Inter Milan (61.67 %) in 227 official games, if he manage to keep this rate or around it then Mancini appointment will be a wise decision after all.


The best league position Manchester City achieved was in (2004-2005) season they ended the season 8th with52 points under Stuart Pearce who took over Kevin Keegan March 2005. While the best season in terms of total points was (2007-08) under Sven Eriksson management.

So Will Mancini reach a better table position then 8 th place, we should wait and see.



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