TactX, new tool for Football Managers by Uefa.com

So the Champions League soon will start (tomorrow Tuesday) and while I’m browsing on Uefa website I saw this new feature under the name (TactX) click here brought by UEFA Training Ground.

TactX is a revolutionary new football animation software application on the UEFA Training Ground. It’s simple to use and it allows you to demonstrate your coaching drills, tactics and analysis using instant 3D animated graphics.

from TacX official website

This tool will be only available on the UEFA Training Ground, TactX will successes TactFoot a previous communication software for football coaches. Both softwares are developed by AVC Media Enterprises a specialized company based in Aberdeen, Scotland and offers the following services: Video production – Audiovisual – PR – Sports – IT…etc)

To know more about the main features of TactX software click here

Important notice: website offer the interested people the opportunity to register their interest in TactX so you can know when the full TactX application goes live later, click here for more information.



4 responses to “TactX, new tool for Football Managers by Uefa.com

  1. Interesting, TactX looks to be a big step for coaching, and this11.com also looks very interesting, I’ll certainly check them both out.

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