Press review: Fabio Capello technical team

Capellos men

Capello's men

After guiding England for South Africa World Cup 2010 yesterday with a strong performance beating Croatia (5-1), Capello work is well-appreciated by the British media and commentators. So I saw a great article talking about Fabio Capello work team, this article from the online version of The Telegraph, to read the original article click here

According to the article Fabio Capello technical team are:

Franco Baldini

Position: General Manager

Nationality: Italian

DOB: 3 October 1960 (age 48)

Great due !!

Great due !!

Italo Galbiati

Position: Coach

Nationality: Italian

DOB: 8 August 1937 (age 72)

The experience factor

The experience factor

Franco Tancredi

Position: goal keeping coach

Nationality: Italian

DOB: January 10, 1955 (age 54)

Massimo Neri

Position:fitness coach

Nationality: Italian


Stuart Pearce

Position: coach

Nationality: English

DOB: April 24, 1962 (age 47)

From my research too there is another member of the team….Raymond Clemence as a Goal keeping coach too a well known English keeper (DOB: 05/08/1948)

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