The Tinker-man is back

The Tinker Man

The Tinker Man


Luciano Spalletti offered his resignation from his head manager post at AS Roma, after almost 4 years and 3 trophies with the Giallorossi. Two defeats in the first two games this season in the Serie A conceding 6 goals 3-2 lose against Genoa then losing home to Juventus 1-3.

Reports says that Spalletti lost his dressing room, if we want to have a conclusion it will be Spalletti always couldn’t relay on young options instead he always goes with the experience option (Cassetti – Totti – Taddei….) meanwhile he have at his disposal a players like (Guberti – Motta – and Aquilani before he move to Liverpool).

Also the financial problems didn’t help AS Roma in this transfer market most top Italian teams did a good market even the likes Genoa – Palermo – Lazio had a good signing. Well its time for Spalletti to go a cycle has reached the end, we can remember good memories of Spalletti era with AS Roma. The offensive football they played maybe the best in the Serie A witnessed especially the days after Calcio-poli scandal. We can remember the 4-6-0 formation Spalletti opted in his side as Totti was the invisible striker supported with the runs of Perrotta, Taddie, and Vucinic.

I offered my resignation and the club accepted, so my professional relationship with Roma is finished

Spalletti words after leaving the Giallorossi.


The new man to replace Spalletti place is Claudio Ranieri, known as the tinker man since his days with Chelsea. Ranieri is back to the Serie A quickly after been sacked by Juventus last May after a series of bad results, We should be happy the war of words between Jose Mourinho and Ranieri should be back sooner than later. Ranieri track record could be normal only an Italian Cup and Super Cup with Fiorentina under his belt.

Ranieri played for AS Roma during his professional days as a footballer and report suggest he will sign two years contract with AS Roma.

It’s a great satisfaction for me, but most of all the crowning point of a dream and a professional road that began many years ago. I’m honoured and convinced I can do and give my best for Roma

Ranieri words after been named new manager of AS Roma



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