Mourinho proves Lippi is wrong

What a tactician !!!

What a tactician !!!

Yesterday was Milan Derby, again the game proves Jose Mourinho genius football mind, and proves that Lippi words was wrong when the Italian National manager stated that Mourinho don’t have anything special more than Leonardo & Ferrara.

At the end of the day it is the players who step on to the field, not the Coaches. Mourinho, Ciro Ferrara and Leonardo cannot win alone. Mourinho has some important characteristics as a Coach, such as character and charisma. I think that Ferrara and Leonardo have less experience, but every bit as much in those other elements

Lippi comparing between Mourinho, Ferrar, and Leonardo

I respect both Leonardo & Ferrara but they still in the first steps of Football management (despite they are ex-players unlike Mourinho), yesterday game gave us the evidence when we saw a team well prepared with obvious character (Inter) and another team AC Milan you get confuse with them, Berlusconi tell you where Ronaldinho should play meanwhile Galliani try to convince everyone that AC Milan squad is completed, poor Leonardo he is confused like us.

Now look at Mourinho from the beginning he knew what he wants a defender, midfielder, Trequartista, and striker….

Sneijder completes my squad. I asked for a central defender, a midfielder, a play maker and an attacker. They’ve all arrived

Mourinho’s words after Sneijder arrival

For now after Inter trashing AC Milan 4-0, Leonardo has huge load of work to do with his squad. Mourinho beat him excellently on-field and how to manage your team, Mourinho first handed Sneijder his debut in the Derby day…what a gamble by the Portuguese tactician to surprise his oppenents. Milan didn’t  expect a creative player like Sneijder to be part of the game instead they were preparing for more solid, functional, defensive midfield for Inter like (Stankovic – Motta – Zanetti – Muntari) while the reality was a midfield consist of (Sneijder – Motta – Zanetti – Stankovic).

Sneijder is a talented player and I knew it was a risk, that if we lost with him playing then I would be called a disaster and insulted by the critics.

Mourinho’s words after shock introduction of Sneijder for the Derby game

Jose Mourinho now got his “Trequartista” player represent in Real Madrid reject Wesley Sneijder. With Eto’o and Milito Inter look really more balanc team not depending on one player like Ibrahimoiv days.

Another point I want to talk about. If we look back at Mourinho’s previous teams (Porto FC & Chelsea) at Porto he had his Trequartista the Brazilian born Deco, at Chelsea Frank Lampard was Mourinho’s main driving force in attack, so it is normal to know why Mourinho’s was too deseprate to get his playmaker or trequartista or creative player….

Now Mourinho eagerly waiting the opening game in the Champions League against Barcelona…



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