Mourinho is back!!

I am not Harry Potter.

I am not Harry Potter.

Jose Mourinho made his press conference debut for 2009-10 season, as always he get the headlines with his words, opinions, and jokes. One of Mourinho‘s priorites was reduce his squad memebers to stand on 23 to 25 squad players but his plan till now didn’t work well as only (Figo, Crespo, Cruz, Jimenez, and Bolzoni) left the club without any revenues while (Viera, Mancini, Quaresma, Obinna) should move to another teams to make funds for Mourinho purchases.

Diego Militio, Motta, Arnautovic and Kerlon are the latest additions to Inter squad still Mourinho want a creative midfielder to ploster his side (Deco or Sneijder) and a top class defender (Carvalho) are Inter’s top targets.

Below clips from Mourinho first press conference:

We have blonds, brown, black and white – I think it’s difficult that anyone else will arrive. The market is open until August 31, just like the doors of a far west saloon. Eight players were supposed to leave our team and instead only four have left – three of which, their contract had come to an end

The market has brought few euros to the Inter accounts, and this is the reality. When a club doesn’t make money, its coach has to be pragmatic. It’s not the roster I dreamed about two or three months ago. But I cannot make miracles – I am not Harry Potter.

Real Madrid? I have nothing special to say on Real Madrid. We might not even play them this season. I am not scared of them. They are a world club with great players and they will be under the spotlight, but I have nothing to say

I am not scared of Italian teams either. What they have been doing is normal. Everyone wants to get better and that’s obvious

The squad size? It’s a problem for me. I am not happy. Its not good for working. It’s XI against XI in a match and having 30 players in training is not positive

Today it seems players are interested in money and lifestyle rather than anything else. Some players prefer to stay in a team where the coach doesn’t want him, rather than find another team

It’s easier to coach in England because people think about football for 90 minutes. In Italy there are 60 million coaches in the country

Now they’re calling him (Ancelotti) Prince Charles. I only know one Prince Charles. Ancelotti is no friend of mine



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