Pellegrini’s (Galacticos) mission impossible??

CR9 in white

CR9 in white

Yesterday Real Madrid unveil their latest Super star Cristiano Ronaldo at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid, also in the same day Manuel Pellegrini Real Madrid’s manager back to work. Oh what a job he has to do coaching the likes of Raul, Guti, Casillas, Ronaldo, and Kaka among many other star players Real Madrid own.

Pellegrini most important task I think is not to coach those sensational players but how to manage them and how to handle their egos or big personalities. The key word for Pellegrini success is the Dressing Room at Real Madrid yes this room is what make the difference, Del Bosque did this job with excellency while Camacho, Luxemburgo, and Queiroz failed in that.

There is also another point that could stand against Pellegrini which is huge rate of turnover in Real Madrid squad, according to reports at least 4 to 6 players will be in and maximum 10 players will be out and that is a drastic change in a football squad team in one season. So Pellegrini should work on managing players personalities and create a solid chemistry between them (make them look as a team not a bunch of individual super stars).

Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger the French manager talk about why he say no thank you for Real Madrid job:

What Real want to do is produce what I would call a spectacle of football, a spectacular team,’ he said. ‘But when it comes to creating a team, there is another dimension that exists.

I believe it is necessary to disregard moral judgement and to simply ask whether the operation will be profitable. In my opinion, to recruit more than three players in a transfer window, as Real plan, is taking a technical risk.

For me Wenger’s words more than enough to show the huge task coming for Pellegrini, Real Madrid recruitments are technically risky!!! and I think financially speaking the sums payed are less risky. Final point to tell that Pellegrini is an engineer (educationally and also from football side too) and I hope he will be another version of Vicente Del Bosque days with Galacticos team Version one.



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