Press Review: Benitez’s all transfers with Liverpool

Benitez transfers performance

Benitez transfers performance

As Liverpool close to complete Glen Johnson from Portsmouth which will be Rafa Benitez first signing after his contract renewal which he granted more control on transfers so he can avoid last season Barry’s failed transfer.

So there is an interesting article on Times Online named “The Benitez years: his transfers in full” wrote by James Ducker, this article summarize all Benitez transfer actions in and out with the figures so to read the original article please click here.

Interesting facts from the article:

  • Total signed in players is 70
  • Total sold out players is 72
  • Net profit of these transfers is – £81.799 millions

Top 5 of most expensive signed players:

  1. Robbie Keane from Tottenham £ 20.3 millions in 2008
  2. Fernando Torres from Atletico Madrid for £ 20.2 millions in 2007
  3. Javier Mascherano from West Ham United for £ 18.6 millions in 2007
  4. Ryan Babel from Ajax for £ 11.5 millions in 2007
  5. Xabi Alonso from Real Sociedad for £ 10.5 millions in 2004

Top 5  of most expensive players sold out:

  1. Robbie Keane to Tottenham for £ 16 millions in 2009
  2. Peter Crouch to Portsmouth for £ 11 millions in 2008
  3. Momo Sissoko to Juventus for £ 8.2 millions in 2008
  4. Michael Owen to Real Madrid for £ 8 millions in 2004
  5. Craig Bellamy to West Ham United for £ 7.5 millions in 2007

Top 5 of the worst transfers Benitez done (my own opinion):

  1. Robbie Keane from Tottenham for £ 20.3 millions in 2008 then sold in January 2009 back to Tottenham
  2. Jermaine Pennant from Birmnigham City for £ 6.7 millions in 2006
  3. Ryan Babel from Ajax in 2007
  4. Fernando Morientes from Real Madrid for £ 6.3 millions in 2005 then sold to Valencia for £ 3.1 in 2006
  5. Selling Momo Sissoko to Juventus in 2008



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