Mourinho words after Serie A truimph

Jose Mourinho


Mourinho by his own words after securing Serie A title:

About Siena game:

It was important to win, there wouldn’t have been much point to our party if we hadn’t won

This was a serious match, we weren’t kidding around. Our strength is that we always play very seriously

Even today I got angry because we still had the aim of winning the top scorer trophy, not for Ibrahimovic but for the whole team — even Balotelli had to play for Ibra

About his own players:

The player who surprised me the most was Zanetti. His passport cannot be telling the truth (claiming he’s 35), it must be 10 years out, he’s incredible

I was happy with the affection shown to Julio Cesar, he’s a fantastic goalkeeper. I knew it before and match after match he shows what his qualities are….He works hard and plays for Inter with his heart

About Inter 4th Serie A title in row:

If you win one, a second and then more titles it’s difficult and a fifth will be harder still

Future transfers for Inter:

We need a second striker. This year we had big problems in central midfield and we need two players there with physical strength and a different tactical ability to the players we have at the moment….And then a defender other than two or three in the youth team that I like a lot




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