Juventus says good bye to “the Tinker man” Ranieri

Good Bye Juventus

Good Bye Juventus


The Tinker man Juventus days is over after a bad spell of results in the last seven games in Serie A they lost one and draw in 6 make their third place in danger as Fiorentina one point less than Juventus and still two games in the season. Juventus known of his stable managerial history not like for example Real Madrid sack caoches during the season, the Old Lady since 1970-71 season they didn’t sack a manager during the season only Didier Deschamps in (2006-07) season particulary in May 2007 too and the second incident was Ranieri sake this season.

What surprising about Juventus management decision to sack Ranieri is the timing rather than the decision because Ranieri looked during this season in shaky status, his record don’t support him only won the Italian Cup and super cup once each with Fiorentina in 1996. To be fair not all blame laid on Ranieri shoulders the management at Juventus appeared to be struggling in transfer decisions and managing the team affair.

Now former Juventus defender Ciro Ferrara will be caretaker in the reminder of this season, as many lining another former Bianconeri star Antonio Conte (now with Bari) to be their next manager.


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