Another special accomplishment for The Special One

So Special

So Special


Jose Mourinho add another Trophy (Italian Serie A title) for his great Honors record this season with Inter Milan plus the Italian Super Cup at the season start. but he add another special accomplishment which is to be the first manager to win the Enlgish Premier League title and the Italian Serie A title (don’t forget Portugese title too).

I think Mourinho’s first year with Inter was not too impressive like his first year with Chelsea, althought it’s not all his fault for me I keep questioning his two recruiting: the Brazilian Mancini from Roma and Quaresma from FC Porto which prove to be a top candidate for top three worst transfers in the Italian league. It could be the Italian Football Culture is more  complicated and less-accpetance of foreigns with strong personality than the English football which is full with foreign owners of clubs and the fact that (38% are english players of the total players active in the English Premier League.

Mourinho has the potential to make glory with the Nerrazzurri escpecially if he guide them to European trumpih the history will put him alongside Helenio Herrera.



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