Football Coaches or Managers and Leadership


So I’m a management student (B.S in Business & Management) and I love this field so much, and can’t help it not relating it to football managers or coaches.

The rule of coach or manager in Football (Soccer) differentiate for example in England the coach is a football coach and manager they have more responsibilities and more influence like players contracts and transfers and the holistic view from a football perspective this privileges in Spain and Italy doesn’t exist only on few cases.

I always see the coach or manager as a leader, during college I took Leadership course in that course we learnt that there are types of leaders (some leaders are heroes or teachers or rulers).

Alex Ferguson is a Ruler leader he don’t hesitate to kick any one out of his team (Nistelrooy – Kean – Hienze – Beckham) what ever their stalwart status for the team or for the fans because he is the master of this team no one should undermine his authority while Arsene Wenger is a Teacher for sure when we look his influence on his students (players) you can tell his role to educate his players with football basics and install his football view and methodology (Cesc or Denilson for example admire Wenger or their teacher so much), the Special One Mourinho is a Hero leader, he protect his troops (players) from the media, always ready to take the blame on his shoulders if anything goes wrong.

Fabio Capello I thinks is a Ruler leader type he is fearless man take decision despite the huge potential risk underlining there and can confront any dilemma with solid nerves.

Josep Guardiola fill in Hero leader type category he restore Catalonia pride always support his players and literally protect his players like the incident that happen during the Clasico game against Real Madrid at the Camp Nou 2008 December, Real Madrid players deliberately tackling Leo Messi and the flamboyant Pep stood up and shout toward the referee telling him: “if you will not protect Messi I will take him out of the game” I like that attitude from Pep.

Or according to the Leadership Behavior Theory, there are leadership styles:

  •  Autocratic
  • Democratic
  • Laissez-fair

This theory I’ll talk about later in another post. And try to apply it on Football managers.



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