Guardiola’s Barcelona attacking art



This man deserve all the hype generated by the globe media about his work until now with Barcelona, the latest thing make me more and more impressed by the Catalan man his tactical switch in the Clasico against Real Madrid, as he put Eto’o on the right side instead of Messi usual position, and let the little Argentine enjoy free role at the middle of the pitch to crack up Madrid backline with his combination alongside Iniesta and Xavi taking full advantage from Real Madrid high back line defense.

To manage a team that scored 146 goals during the season and 100 goals in the La Liga is something more than impressive, it tells you that they attack on a clear way they know what they are doing.

They force their opponents to fear them and to set back to defend and if someone dire to attack them or open up you should ask Real Madrid, while the only team made Barcelona feel helpless was Chelsea with their ultra-defense game plan, hence Guardiola is not error-free as the experience factor pops up in Chelsea game Barcelona didn’t change their way of playing, for example they didn’t try to impose Chelsea set-pieces problem here we can say Guardiola lack of experience appeared. This Big matches show the exceptional coach from ordinal one, for me Guardiola is a top class coach under-development.

Josep Guardiola is a case example of how a football club benefit from their legends, Guardiola evolve from a leader in the pitch then to coach Barcelona B team and finally take the responsibility of Barcelona FC, it was a risky decision by Joan Laporta to choose young coach to manage top class players like Xavi, Messi, Eto’o…etc but did you forgot Guardiola played with the like Romario, Laudrup, Koeman…etc and coached by the Cruyff, Capello!!!



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