So should Barcelona complain about Chelsea conservative approach??

After watching Barcelona against Chelsea, or even Real Madrid against Liverpool at the Santiago Bernabeu we should know why English side teams are conquering the European Champions League, they know what it takes to win games. And that Champions League is two games to decide which team will qualify to the next round and every small detail can contribute who will qualify.

By the end of the day the sentence ends justify means as the bottom line of the debate, when Jose Mourinho said he didn’t enjoy Liverpool against Chelsea (4-4) draw at the quarter finals of The Champions League at the Stamford Bridge stadium because most the eight goals were a school boys football errors not a display of the cream of European Top teams and that’s mean the coaches are not doing their work to avoid such as mistakes.

From the football fans point of view Chelsea performance was shameful for Football fans and for the game reputation. Yes good points, but who will save the Managers head from not winning trophies because they want to play attractive style!!!

We all saw Barcelona was out of ideas how to crack Chelsea lock, did they consider another way to crack it beside monopolize the ball possession with no outcome? The answer must be asked to Guardiola he should play on Chelsea own weakness like set-pieces balls this was a great opportunity to score a goal, at these games when you know the great coach from the good or normal coach.

Guardiola didn’t win anything yet, unless he won something he will be another version of Chelsea’s Avram Grant who lost the Premier League, the final of FA cup against Tottenham, and the Champions League Final against Manchester United. One of the most important factors of The English team dominance at the Champions League that they have great managers with stability (yes Chelsea has no stability but the have GUUS HIDDINK!!)

Finally the tie didn’t decided between Barcelona and Chelsea and both have 50 percent chances, Guardiola should keep his good work and try sometimes to change their style and approach based on their opponents and the circumstances because in Football the priority will always be winning. 


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