Alex Ferguson interview with New Statesman

Frank interview by the Sir

Frank interview by the Sir



In an exclusive interview with The New Statesman a British weekly political magazine published in London. Alastair Campbell (former Tony Blair’s head of communications) sit-down with Sir Alex Ferguson Manchester United’s manager.


Here are the major football-related points:


His biggest mistake:

Selling Jaap Stam


His biggest regret:

Failed in signing Paul Gascoigne


Greatest achievement:

The treble in 1999 (The Champions League, FA Cup, and The Premier League)


Ferguson’ best managers in the Premier League:

Arsene Wenger (Arsenal), David Moyes (Everton), and Martin O’Neill (Aston Villa)


Ferguson’s retirement:

Not for a while. I’m 67 now. My health’s good


Ferguson’s dream Man United team:

Roy Keane, Scholes, Giggs (never, ever leave him out), Ronaldo & Cantona (never leave out), Beckham & Rooney (knocking the door)



My foot notes:


Jaap Stam:


Dutch retired footballer, named twice as best defender in the Champions League (1999 & 2000). He joined Man United in 1998 for a fee of  £10.6 million from PSV (was consider most expensive Dutch football player in history and the most expensive defender in history, although this record broke later).


Then in 2001-2002 season Jaap Stam sold was sold to Lazio for £16.5 million, and replaced with the great French but aged defender Laurent Blanc.


Now Stam is works as a scout for Manchester United, in South America.


His playing career includes playing for: Man United, Lazio, AC Milan, PSV, and Ajax.


Paul Gascoigne:


Gifted British football talent, but was remembered too with his wild behavior, he was the star of the beginning of 90’s, many remembered his tears during Italy World Cup 1990 after England elimination from the semi finals by Germany.


His playing career includes playing for: Tottenham, Everton, Middlesbrough, Lazio, and Burnley.


read part of Alex Ferguson’s interview


Best 🙂



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