Ferguson beat Mourinho

Mourinho: Just sad

Mourinho: Just sad

So Manchester United beat Inter Milan, Ferguson beaten Mourinho (2-0) on aggregate during the second leg of the last 16 in The Champions League. Still Mourinho have the upper hand in the Ferguson vs. Mourinho record.


Tactically speaking Ferguson’s change Rooney position from partnering Berbatov to be in the left flank to deal with Maicon forward runs, linking with Stankovic, and minimize the space the Brazilian enjoyed in the first half. It seemed worked well and that is the special thing Ferguson has: the unpredictable tactical changes during the game which is a response to the game progress.




Total Games















Ferguson words after the game:


It was one of those long European nights where you don’t know if you’re watching a game of football or watching a game of suicide


After scoring the first goal, I thought we would go on and kill them. But after going ahead we started trying to put icing on the cake and we were lucky to be in front at half-time


It was really reckless football and it allowed Inter Milan to get a grip of the game. From the middle of the first half to the end of the first half they were the better team


We changed the system at half-time, closed the door on Cambiasso and we were a bit better in the second half


We played a team at its maximum, potential-wise with all the experience they have. And they played to their maximum


Mourinho words after the game:


They have basically the same team as when I was at Chelsea. There is only Berbatov who is new. But they have been together for four or five years. They are not young anymore — the age average is 26-27 if you forget Giggs and Scholes.


They are in the right moment to be at the top of their careers. They reached the maximum level. They have experience, quality, great physical condition and intensity in their game. That is what the Champions League is about. So yes, I think they can do it



My players did absolutely everything they possibly could do; they should not be criticized or questioned. We played a very good game; we really played to our full potential


My team was fantastic but they were not lucky


If Inter had a problem of fear towards the Champions League, then tonight they proved that it is no longer an issue. I am not angry, just sad




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