Reja out…Donadoni In

back into club management

back into club management


Napoli had appointed Roberto Donadoni replacing Edoardo Reja, according to the Azzuri official web site:


We have parted company with Edy Reja and appointed Donadoni


Now Napoli 11th with 35 points and they grab only 2 points since the beginning of 2009 year and failed to secure any win in their last 9 games in the Italian Serie A, Napoli have a European ambitious to play at least in the Uefa Cup but now remaining only 11 games.


Reja took charge at Napoli since January 2005 since that he guide the southern team from Serie C into qualifying to the Uefa Cup (the were eliminated before groups stage by Benfica).


The new manager Donadoni going to sign two-and a half year contract with Napoli, Donadoni one of the great players that play AC Milan side who conquer Italy and Europe he known of his dynamic attacking role and generally played as right side midfielder. As a manager he coached: Lecce, Genoa, Livorno, and Italy in Euro 2008 which was a big failure for the World Champions.

Reja used to play with 3-5-2 formation, which Donadoni could change into 4-3-3 like when he was Italy Manager or classic 4-4-2 we shall wait and see in his debut game against Reggina.

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