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Carletto under fire

Carletto under fire

Last week was a crucial week for most of the big clubs, as the season start to take shape.


Carlo Ancelotti (AC Milan)


Oh a disaster week for Ancelotti, they were out of The UEFA cup by Werder Bremen so the Serie A is the only trophy AC Milan have now but its almost impossible as they 11 points behind their city rivals Inter Milan.


I understand the fans’ jeers and I feel myself responsible ….Elimination is a hard blow. If we were now to weigh up the season so far, it would be negative


So now Ancelotti number one mission is guarantee Champions League spot:


Certainly, it is not much, but it’s an important objective. Playing in the Champions League is extremely important for us


Ancelotti position as AC Milan manager is under huge uncertainty and many believes this is his last season with AC Milan:


We have to finish the season as best we can, and then assess things, but I don’t think there will be any problems for the future


The Italian tactician linked to many elite teams, Chelsea:


The only club that has made a move to sign me has been Chelsea,” Ancelotti said about Chelsea rumors back on 12th of February.


Reports suggest that candidate for Real Madrid presidency F.Perez is considering him as the next Los Blancos Manager. Carletto is long admirer of AS Roma too.


His Rossineri journey started summer 2001 guiding Milan to one Serie A and two Champions League trophies.


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