Mourinho: play this game with my brain




The special one press conference before the big derby match against AC Milan

Mourinho derby feelings:


A derby is a derby….It’s enjoyable. It’s the easiest week for a manager because all the work you do in motivational terms and psychological terms with your players, it’s easy to do it because the motivation is there


I have to play this game with my brain, not with my heart, or with the people’s feelings.


109 games home games unbeaten!!


(Since) January 2002 (coaching Porto FC), so it was more than seven years ago, which is incredible. Seven years and 109 matches is a lot


Beckham’s Italian adventure


I knew he was a top professional…he’s giving a different kind of quality to his team. I hope he stays. For the good of the league


Italian Football and press


Sometimes maybe it’s not so spectacular or emotional as your game used to be but it’s a tactical game that you play less with your heart but you play more with your brain


The press is not easy here, the press is not easy anywhere. The only thing I don’t enjoy is one and a half hours with the press after the game




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