Scolari, you are the Weakest Link..Goodbye!!

Big Phil you are the Weakest Link in Chelsea FC, his own charming character didn’t work well at the Blue Empire

Oh poor Scolari, the man who in his first days as Chelsea manager was hailed as a Special One, making great season start combined with an entertaining style, but in his last days at the Stamford Bridge we heard the Blues fans chanting “you don’t know what you are doing”.

Well this is football no one can predict what will happen, great resumes never safe you in your job, ask Juande Ramos and the latest victim Scolari (Big Phil).

Scolari record with Chelsea is 25 games won 14 (56%) lost  4 and drawn in 7, good record you can say but this season we saw Chelsea really struggling against the big guns, Liverpool, Man United, and Arsenal.

Blame Scolari for:

  • Dressing room discomfort
  • Lack of alternative game plan
  • Couldn’t extract the full potential of his squad, and keep moaning about Robinho lost and lack of creativity.
  • Lost the faith of his main players (Drogba, Lampard, and Terry)
  • Seven years out of club management
  • Old fashion training methods

Don’t blame Scolari for:

  • Lack of money to add new players, especially wingers
  • Unbearable pressure to bring the Champions League trophy to Stamford Bridge
  • Jose Mourinho success and Charisma shadow
  • Injuries for Key players (Essien for example)

Blame Chelsea for:

  • Lack of long-term planning as the squad becomes aging
  • Where are the youth academy products? As they consider it a vital part in Chelsea long-term success.
  • Why get ride of wingers (Shaun Wright Philips. Duff, Robben…) without backups

My comment:

Chelsea already entered the Decline Cycle; I blame bad management and long-term planning as they brought Peter Kenyon to orchestrate transforming Chelsea FC into a Global football brand. But don’t forget to blame Roman Abramovich the owner whose interference was the direct cause of Mourinho departure and later Scolari’s tied hands.


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